Photo credit:  Lauren Kyungme Chun

Photo credit:

Lauren Kyungme Chun

L I N Ü ‘s mission is to embrace the many possibilities that arise with new technology and to expand the possibilities of music making, through creative collaborations with other artists and other artistic mediums.” Gulli Bjornsson and Jiji are two aspiring young artists searching for new ways to promote classical music. Both virtuosic and versatile, Gulli and Jiji have received multiple accolades for their guitar playing and have backgrounds in composition, film, electronic music, visual arts and theater. Their diverse backgrounds, classical training and contemporary influences all come to fruition as they present a unique programs of classical music, improvisations, arrangements and new compositions on classical and electric guitars. Past performances include a musical event utilizing virtual reality headsets, along with visual artist and architect Drew Busmire, on the Yale Cabaret Satellite Series.