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arizona state university

18-19 ASU guitar studio. Katzin Hall at Arizona State University

18-19 ASU guitar studio. Katzin Hall at Arizona State University


jiji’s teaching philosophy…

“…. I think the music world, especially in music schools, is changing. Students have different personas and passions outside of orchestra and classical music. ASU is very open; they knew I played both classical guitar and electric guitar. I see a lot of students at ASU who want to do different things, and I always tell them that there's no such thing as one path. There are many opportunities to come up with innovative programs and to compose your own music. I always ask students what they want to do. Right now, I have a student who is working on arranging The Planets by Gustav Holst. I also have a student who is into processing, and he's arranging Philip Glass's music and also recording a backing track for Steve Reich's Violin Phase. There are so many different things you can do on classical guitar, and my students are so varied. I love working with all kinds of people, and I want to incorporate my vision into my teaching, but I don't want to make a bunch of mini-JIJIs. I want to work with my students on their own projects and help them develop into who they are as artists.” — Lincoln Center’s The Score by Rebecca Klein


Degrees offered:

Bachelor of Arts: Music
Bachelor of Music: Performance

Bachelor of Music: Music Composition

Bachelor of Music: Music Education Bachelor of Music: Music Theory Bachelor of Music: Music Therapy

Master of Music: Performance
Master of Music: Performance Pedagogy

Doctor of Musical Arts: Performance